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To install these items please see the following topic:

  • Adding Downloads To Your Game
  • If you have problems installing or using custom content please see these external links for futher information:

  • Sims Wiki: Installing Custom Content
  • Sims Wiki: Technical & Graphics Issues
  • File Types

    There are a number of different file types for The Sims 4 custom content, you'll need to place them in the correct folder so they will show up:

    Recolors, Walls & Floors

  • .package (Mods)
  • Lots & Sims

  • .trayitem (Tray)
  • .blueprint (Tray)
  • .bpi (Tray)

  • Update: October 30th 2016

    Anchesenamon has updated with Victorian Red in Sims 4 Houses

    Update: September 26th 2016

    Anchesenamon has updated with Britt's House in Sims 4 Houses

    Update: March 31st 2016

    Kate has updated with 5 new items in Sims 4 Walls and Floors

    Update: March 26th 2016

    Kate has updated with Gala Gardens in Sims 4 Houses

    Update: March 25th 2016

    Kate has updated with Sandy Villa in Sims 4 Houses

    Update: March 25th 2016

    Kate has updated with Witch Way Estate in Sims 4 Houses

    News: March 13th 2016

    It has been an 'interesting' experience fiddling around with The Sims 4, in some respects it might be creatively easier than it's predecessor because the game isn't distracting me by making me want to play it. On the flip side the fairly specific art style is a little strange and already presenting some artistic challenges. That said I'm currently running the game on a 7 year old laptop that was mediocre when it was new, so I'm probably not seeing the game at it's best.

    I've had a lot of messages over the past year asking me to make Sims 4 objects. I've learned not to promise future content updates, but it is my intention is to have a look at what is involved before deciding either way. Currently the major sticking point is that it's taking multiple hours to make single wall or floor files so if the same applies to single objects then it's going to be unfeasible and ridiculous!

    In the meantime I hope you'll enjoy some of my recent efforts of walls, floors, terrain paints and roofs (yay for roofs!).

    Update: March 10th 2016

    Kate has updated with 50 new items in Sims 4 Walls and Floors

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