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    If you are new to using custom content in The Sims 2 then there's a bit of preparation you need to do before putting files in your game:

    The Sims 2 does not natively support custom content, you will need to enable it by selecting the enable custom content option in the game settings menu. If you wish to use furniture or houses that contain custom furniture then you'll need to install the CEP files from Mod The Sims

    The CEP license agreement requires that we cannot distribute it and must direct visitors to download it from a site that no longer exists, however since that is a fatuous waste of everyone's time instead here is the correct link

  • Instructions for Enabling & Installing Custom Content
  • CEP from Mod The Sims
  • Instructions

    To install these items please see the following topic:

  • Adding Downloads To Your Game
  • If you have problems installing or using custom content please see these external links for futher information:

  • Sims Wiki: Getting Custom Content To Show Up
  • Sims Wiki Technical & Graphics Issues
  • Sims Wiki Finding Problem Custom Content

  • Update: January 23rd 2016

    I have updated with the Fairytale Romance Tapestry set in Sims 2 Furniture

    Update: October 27th 2012

    I have updated with the Shangla Shoi set in Sims 2 Furniture

    Update: October 27th 2012

    I have updated with the Shangla Rattan set in Sims 2 Furniture

    Update: October 27th 2012

    I have updated with the Shangla Marble set in Sims 2 Furniture

    News: September 10th 2012

    For some years I struggled to juggle Sims 1 and Sims 2, all the while having Sims 1 players moaning their socks off about lack of updates.

    To everyone's credit, even though I have done an even worse job for Sims 2 over the past couple of years, very few people have bothered to complain!

    Nevertheless I am very much aware that around 40% of our visitors play The Sims 2, and with that firmly in mind I am utterly resolved to try and make amends and get some new content out over the Autumn.

    Watch this space!

    Update: August 20th 2011

    I have updated with Shade Hideaway Hotel in Sims 2 Houses

    Update: August 11th 2011

    I have updated with Shell Beach in Sims 2 Houses

    Update: June 23rd 2011

    I have updated with Caliatha in Sims 2 Houses

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