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Game Crashes & Problems

The Sims is old and fussy and there are a number of common issues which occur when using custom content which can cause the game to crash, lock up or behave oddly. The most common issues and the recommended solutions.

Loading Failure, Lock-Ups or Build/Buy Crashes

The most common cause of game crashes is a GUID clash between 2 objects resulting from the creator not using their Magic Cookie ID properly:

It is recommended that you purchase a copy of the Sim Enhancer Object Manager (USD $7.99) which is the only program which properly checks all ID's as well as allowing you to organize your files. It does offer a free 48 hour trial if you simply wish to clean up existing items and then only download from trustworthy sites in the future.

  • Sim Enhancer Official Site
  • All Parsimonious objects do use a registered Magic Cookie and all objects which have ever been published online are always present in the game directory when new objects are cloned; previously used GUID's are not inadvertantly re-used this way. So objects you get here should not clash with each other, neither will they clash with any other objects made by users who also used a registerd Magic Cookie.

    Please note that although free object checkers exist, none provide a complete GUID check which renders them useless if the clash occurs between a couple of objects that are not checked by the program.

    Crashing In Create-A-Sim

    The typically happens because there are orphaned .cmx files left in your gamedata/skins folder which do not have any accompanying texures and meshes, or corrupt .cmx or mesh files:

    The recommended program for looking for orphans and other aspects of skins management is the Skin Doctor Utility by the Blarney Stone. Since all other sources of this program are now gone we are offering it for download here:

  • Download Skin Doctor Utility
  • Please be aware that this program comes with no instructions or warranty!

    Disappearing Objects

    If an object is removed when switching from Build/Buy to Live mode it is because it requires an Expansion pack you do not have. It will not harm your game, however if you want to use it, you will need to install the required EP.

    Invisible NPCs

    NPCs (i.e. cashiers, bar tenders, food counter servers etc) that come with custom objects have a selection of body, head and occasionally hand skins. If you did not install these into your gamedata\skins folder then your NPC won't have anything to cover themselves and so will be invisible. This often prsents as a floating pair of hands for NPCs that don't have separate hand texures.

    Sims Can't Use Community Objects

    There are 3 causes for Sims being unable to use community objects (which come with service NPC's)

  • Missing NPC or controller files - make sure you put all the .iff files in the download into your game as well as the NPC skins (see above)
  • Other visitors are ahead of your Sim in the queue to use the object. This is very common with bars and pet podiums. Simply wait until the object is no longer in use. Certainly if other Sims are being served and using the object, it shows you have at least correctly installed it!
  • Too many NPC objects on the lot. Typically the game does not like more than 8 NPC objects on a single lot, this doesn't usually include hidden controllers that spawn janitors and entertainers and other 'characters' (i.e. obsessed fan, organ grinder etc), but may depend on how good your computer is. Removing less important NPC objects should help this problem.
  • Sims 1 & Windows 10

    If you upgraded to Windows 10 and found your Sims game has stopped working then try the following quick and easy workaround:

  • Start The Sims
  • Press Ctrl, Alt & Delete once the game has loaded to a black overlay
  • Click CANCEL
  • This will restore the game and you can play it as normal.

    Have a question? Ask Kate!
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