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This topic includes the following subsections:

  • Symptoms of Custom Content Problems
  • The Sims 2 will not start
  • The Sims 2 crashes to desktop during loading or when in Build/Buy Mode
  • Missing Downloads/SavedSims Folder
  • No-Show Custom Content
  • Flashing Blue Objects
  • Crashing Houses / Houses won't place or load
  • Crashes are almost never caused by hairstyles, clothing, make-up, skin tones, walls, floors or terrains - these items may not always show up correctly and missing or badly created meshes may give you some odd results, but causing your game to crash to desktop or lock up is highly unlikely. 99.9% of the time you can expect custom content problems to stem from objects, houses or mods.

    Is it a Custom Content Problem?

    Custom content is often the cause of game problems, but it's important to rule out a general game fault.

    To do this move all custom files out of your Downloads/SavedSims folders to a safe place on your computer (doesn't matter where so long as it's away from your EA Games folder). Run your game and if you can, start a fresh neighbourhood. Play it for a while - does the same bug occur? Does it get past the point you'd normally expect it to lock up or crash to desktop?

    If the problem still persists then it is not due to custom content, but rather that there is a problem with your game installation, your computer's software or even hardware. Such matters are well beyond the scope of the Support that Parsimonious can provide. I recommend this Sims Wiki topic:

  • Sims Wiki Technical & Graphics Issues
  • If the problem goes away when you take out your custom content downloads then it is something you have installed. If you suspect a bad file is causing your game to crash then you'll need to identify and get rid of it. There's no quick and easy answer to this, especially if you download large quantities of custom content without paying close attention to compatibility or usage instructions.

    The Finding Problem Custom Content guide at Sims Wiki details some steps to try to weed out bad files:

    The Sims 2 Will Not Start

    The Sims 2 will not start when you click on the icon to run it. This is a common problem and often easily fixed. Open your main Sims 2 directory:

    In it locate the following 3 files and delete them. These become corrupt from time to time, getting rid of them forces the game to generate new clean ones!

  • Accessory.cache
  • cigen.package
  • Groups.cache
  • If that doesn't help, restart your computer, suspend your anti-virus program before you start the game, or try right clicking on the start icon and choosing 'run as Administrator' (remember to disconnect from the internet before disabling your anti-virus, turning it back on again before you go online or download email).

    The Sims 2 crashes when using Build/Buy Catalog

    This is usually a symptom of a GUID clash - 2 objects using the same GUID is very often a problem especially if they're regular build/buy mode objects and not overrides or mods. Other symptoms of this problem include objects mysteriously disappearing and being replaced by something new you've downloaded or if an object seems as if it's available to buy Ok, but can't actually be placed.

    To remedy this you'll need to know which 2 objects are involved in the clash. If you're aware of adding a particular object right around the time it started happening, then it's probably that object - delete it from your Downloads folder, things should return to normal.

    Otherwise you'll need to do a complete GUID scan using SimPE (yup, the program Sims 2 modders and creators use)

    Note that if you do a scan and don't find any clashes then it's most likely a corrupt mod or object instead.

    Missing Downloads or SavedSims Folder

    This is a common problem but it is easily fixed, just create one! Make sure it is named correctly and in the right place then add your custom content files to it as per the instructions:

    The folders should be located:

  • Users \ (Your Name) \ My Documents \ EA Games \ The Sims 2 \ Downloads
  • Users \ (Your Name) \ My Documents \ EA Games \ The Sims 2 \ SavedSims
  • Do NOT create folders in the Program Files portion of your game installation!

    Custom Content Doesn't Show Up

    This usually happens because you have missed a step when installing your custom content, although less often it might happen because you have downloaded a default override which replaces something that comes with the game and so does not appear as a custom item (we do not have any default overrides at Parsimonious, all our items are standalone and will not overwrite anything that comes with the game or any other custom content items).

    To fix this you will need to carefully go through all the steps again to find out what you missed. I recommend the following Sims Wiki Guide if you have checked each step but are still stuck:

    Flashing Blue Objects & The CEP

    There are 2 reasons why objects might flash blue instead of appearing as advertised:

  • Repository Slave Objects missing their Master: as noted above, the master object is required for repository slave objects to borrow their textures from, no master = no texture. This is likely to be what is wrong with your game if you only have a few custom objects which flash blue, others work as they are supposed to.
  • Missing CEP Files: If ALL your custom objects are flashing blue and/or showing up as regular base game objects, then you have not installed the CEP file. This happens to new users who aren't aware they need to install the CEP before using custom objects and also to more experienced players who forgot to reinstall the CEP after adding a new expansion pack to their game.
  • For more information and to download The CEP please visit either of the following links:

  • Adding Downloads To Your Game
  • CEP Home page @ MTS
  • Broken House Files

    If a lot crashes when you try to place it from your Lots & Houses bin, or if it crashes when trying to move in Sims or enter it in build/buy mode, then there is more than likely something wrong with the actual lot file:

  • If a lot requires an Expansion Pack you don't have it may crash your game (this is generally only possible if you use the Clean Pack Installer to add lots to your game, the game installer will not allow unsupported houses to be installed)
  • If the actual lot file has become corrupt during the packaging process (when the creator exported it), or if the creator re-saved it without resident Sims
  • If it's not a new lot, but one you've used before then it's most likely your saved game which has become corrupt rather than the original lot file. You'll need to remove it and the Sims living in it from your game
  • Obviously there is nothing we can do if one of our lots has gone bad whilst it was installed and used in your game - this is essentially a problem with The Sims 2, or some other piece of custom content in use in your game, rather than an intrinsic problem with the lot file. It is only if the lot is broken at the installation stage or on first use that there may be an issue. If your game has all the required packs but the lot won't install or you can't enter it please let me know the lot name and I will investigate.

    External Links:

  • Sims Wiki: Bad Lot Guide
  • Problems Placing A Custom Lot

    This problem generally only happens after Bon Voyage is installed and has 2 main causes:

  • If the lot is a beach front lot then it will require a space at least 5 units deep next to the sea
  • If the lot has an unusually shaped terrain base which is incompatible with your neighborhood land (i.e. it would fall below the bottom of the land or is too high)
  • Beach lots are particularly fussy to place, however we have taken the following basic measures to try and ensure that ours can be used, albeit certain limitations may still apply as to where you can place them:

  • We always create beach lots on a flat beach front area
  • They are created in one of the default neighbourhoods that comes with The Sims 2 (typically one which mirrors the expansion requirements of the lot itself)
  • In general our lots should not have items which are outside the buildable boundaries (objects on the actual beach itself can also make placement difficult)
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