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Why This Site Has Adverts

Parsimonious has historically been one of the busiest sites in the Sims community, heavy international traffic (due to no text in the navigation) and equally heavy bandwidth usage (often between 100-150Gb per day) means that costs have always been disproportionately high for it's relatively small size.

Since early on in the site's history I have sold space on the site to help ease the costs greatly (without it Parsimonious would have disappeared a long time ago). Of course this only works if visitors (thats you!) unblock the ads when viewing the site! To date more than $75,000 has been paid out in hardware setup and maintainance, security expenses, bandwidth and hosting fees. Visitor donations have made up less than $3000 over the same 13 year period so you can see how vital having advertising income is.

  • Parsimonious only uses reputable Ad Networks to provide the Ads shown on the site
  • A lot of effort goes into monitoring the ads shown and a campaign will always be stopped immedately upon discovering possible issues about their suitability
  • There are no pop-ups, layer adverts or full page interstitials so ads shoudln't get in the way of you actually using the site
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  • Parsimonious Privacy Policy
  • What type of Adverts do we allow?

    The website is aimed at a general audience over 12 years of age. Most of the time I'm not always aware of precisely what ads are being shown on the site - it is often impractical and far too time consuming to check through the previews of all the ads that might be served (especially since some networks will allow companies to update their ad content after a campaign has started), but I have tried to ban some problematic ad categories where possible. This means you are very unlikely to ever see the following types of material advertised on this site:

    Banned Types of Adverts

  • Adverts for firearms
  • Ads featuring explicity nudity unsuitable for the 12-18 age group
  • Gambling services which do not require a credit card to join
  • Dating sites which do not have a strict no under 18's policy
  • Extreme animation ads (because they are annoying and unsightly)
  • Known fake charity appeals or other scams
  • Obviously if you do find an ad which is offensive then please contact me and let me know, it is very helpful if you can provide a screen shot of the ad, the URL of the website or company name, some details that help me to track it down (unfortunately a vague description isn't very helpful as often the advert inventory can run to tens of thousands of different adverts in any given month). Please note that I will not ban ads for mainstream political parties around election time, nor will I 'pick sides'.

    In general I have been making an effort to also ban adverts which have videos which play sound automatically (non-user initated audio as it's known in the biz!). I have even closed one of our accounts with a network we used successfully for over 8 years because their system banning this type of advertising did not work properly and they kept slipping through. Unfortunately it does seem to be increasingly common as a form of advertising and I am having little success getting them all off the site. If you do encounter one then you can usually find a stop/pause or mute option on the ad which doesn't count as a click, otherwise try turning your computer's sound off when browsing (this is after all a common problem affecting all sites with advertising, not just this one!).

    If You Represent an Ad Network

    I get a lot of unsolicited messages from representatives of Ad Networks. Over the years I've found it to be a lot of hassle to try out accounts with new networks, who mostly pay almost nothing and cause me a lot of technical headaches.

    In short, please don't waste your time contacting me to try and get us to sign up as a publisher.

    Don't call us... we'll call you

    Since 2011 we are not taking on accounts with new advertising networks. If I become interested in trying out your services in the future, then I'll apply directly to you

    Buying Advertising Space Directly

    Parsimonious does not have it's own ad serving system in place. It is not practical when factoring in legal fees to draft appropriate terms and conditions, dealing with tax obligations for the sale of goods and services and paying an engineer to program and maintain the code that would run the ad system.

    It would result in higher CPM costs than Google Adwords - which is why it is recommended that you use Google Adwords if you want to run a targetted campaign on Parsimonious.

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