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It has become impractical to have one single page that covers all our artwork use and re-use policies. Instead you will find general policies and guidelines listed here on this page and specific detailed information for particular types of content will be found in the support topics for that section.

For Example: If you want to know if you can use our Sims 3 patterns with a house you are going to share please choose the "Terms & Conditions for Sims 3 content" topic from the Sims 3 support menu on the left.

General Guidelines for Using Our Artwork & Downloads

  • All PRIVATE use of our artwork & other downloads is permitted
  • We can NOT give permission to republish content we've included with our downloads which was made by contributors to other websites.
  • We do NOT allow our creations to be re-posted unchanged but most items CAN be re-published as part of another piece of artwork. Please check the appropriate terms & conditions Support topic for full details.
  • Most items that can be used as part of your creations will require linked credit to
  • If our items are shown but not included then you are welcome to use them; credit is nice, but not necessary. This applies to things like Instagram posts or YouTube videos which show our items.
  • Some policies may have different terms for free and commercial ** websites.
  • ** For the purposes of our terms a commercial site is any that sells any quantity of downloads either as subscriber-only downloads, donor exclusives, or buy purchasing 'points'. It does not matter if you intend to use our content only in free files; if the site sells downloads it is considered a commercial site regardless of whether or not you get any personal benefit from the sale of those items.

    Examples of commercial sites would be The Sims Resource and The Sims Official Exchanges.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Our Terms & Conditions

    "Can I Use X Content For..."

    Please look at the left hand support menu and select the Terms & Conditions topic for the section the content comes from for details or use the Quick Links above. If it's Sims 2 content you're wanting to use, check our the Sims 2 Terms & Conditions topic. If it's a Fat Strawberry shape or texture, look at the Fat Strawberry Terms & Conditions topic.

    "Can I convert your meshes for a different Sims game?"

    This is only allowed with specific permission, so you'll need to email and ask (and be patient waiting for a reply!).

    Not all meshes convert well from one Sims version to another due to UV mapping issues, texture scaling etc; often it would be faster and easier to make a new mesh from scratch than to fix my meshes for conversion. So please don't be offended if you don't get permission - unless you're a TSR artist then it's not you - it's my meshes!

    "Can I convert your Sims meshes for a non-Sims game?"

    Special permission is required to re-use our Sims meshes for other games. Please use the contact us option, you'll need to specify which game you're intending to create for and ideally which meshes you wish to use.

    "What does 'With Credit' Mean?"

    When you publish a creation that contains a piece of our artwork you may be required to provide credit.

    This means that a link must be given to in an appropriately visible place where your download is posted.

    "Why Is A Credit Link Required?"

    Requiring linked credit is a rather old-fashioned concept that probably makes us seem like total divas, but it does serve an important practical purpose. If there is a problem with our content, it helps your downloaders if they know where it came from. It also helps you by providing an online record that you've used our items if an issue arises.

    This is why it's important that the credit link is by the download itself, and not buried in a Facebook post somewhere. Plus it's good for us - it helps to promote our site which keeps us online and better shares our hard work with the world.

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